ABOUT ME - Gooda Photography

When I started in the photography world years ago I had absolutely no idea which direction to go in. I shot everything I could find interest in. Ursula K. Le Guin once said, "The creative adult is the child who survived." - This could not be more true. I strive to never stop learning and to see the world with fresh eyes everyday. My primary field is focused on landscape photography due to the outdoors being my favorite subject. Shooting portraits is the  obvious runner-up. I enjoy watching new clients become friends by capturing their special moments and transforming them into memories.

 I work full time as a Senior Creative Editor for Evolve. I like to describe my career as "getting paid to learn" - One can never learn enough. If I am not booked shooting with clients I am most likely in the woods. Hiking is a true stress reliever and I am always down to explore a new trail   "Enjoy Life"  - such a simple saying but I truly set out to do just that. 

People always ask, "What does Gooda mean?" or "How did you come up with that?" To answer this honestly I do not know. I made a PSN(play station online username) and Gooda was an option so I took and it just stuck. Dustin Brown Photography has been used so much, I would have to get real creative to use my name and "Du5t1nBr0wnPh0t0graphy.com" is not the route I wanted to take. Feel free to call me Gooda, or even Dustin - but I truly hope to be called your photographer. 


**NOW BOOKING 2017**

AVAILABLE FOR: | Engagements | Seniors | Families | Portraits | Boudoir | Headshots | Newborns | Event Coverage | Product

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